Social Media Marketing Course Brisbane (Beginners)

Our Social Media Marketing Course in Brisbane is a half day workshop for beginners to find out how you can use social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more to promote your business.

We’ll give you clarity around which platform(s) is best for your particular business, product or service to gain tangible results from social media marketing.

Attending this seminar will give you a better understanding about the purpose, pros and cons of each platform so that you know where to focus your efforts.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Social Media Marketing Course Content

  • Intro, Pros and Cons of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat
  • What Do I Post On My Profiles And Pages?
  • How Often Should I Post?
  • How Do I Come Up With Content Ideas?
  • Likes Vs Leads
  • How To Get Tangible Results From Social Media
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Video Marketing On YouTube
  • Time Vs Money (Shortcuts and Commitment)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Plan

You’ll come away from this workshop armed with practical tips, ideas and strategies to implement immediately into your business.

Who’s It For?

The Social Media Marketing for Beginners Workshop is for you if…

  • You’re New To Social Media
  • You Want To Know How To Promote Your Business Using Social Media
  • You’re Not Sure Which Platform Is Best For Your Product Or Service
  • You’re Not Sure How To Get Tangible Results Using Social Media
  • You Think It’s A Waste Of Time But You Hear People Getting Great Results From It
  • You’re Looking For Specific Marketing Strategies To Implement For Each Platform

Your Presenter

Your presenter, and founder of Brisbane Digital Training is Matt Adams.

Matt is the owner of Paradigm ProjeX, a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Matt has presented for organisations such as AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers), CRT (Combined Rural Traders), Tourism Noosa, University of the Sunshine Coast, among others.

Matt completed a Bachelor of Business (Information Systems) in 1999 as has worked professionally in Software Installation, Account Management, Real Estate Marketing and Sales, and founded Paradigm ProjeX in 2009 to help business owners bridge the gap between technology, marketing and sales.

Matt’s style is a merging of web-based technology with sales and marketing psychology to bring a unique twist on digital marketing for business.

He has the ability to simplify concepts to bring clarity and understanding to those new to the digital world.

You’ll come away from Matt’s training excited and inspired by what’s possible for your business in this new world of marketing.

Here’s what other business owners have said about our training…

“Thanks for the workshop Matt, I have gained knowledge on how to use Facebook in our businesses advantage to obtain leads. This workshop will be a valuable tool in any business marketing program, as it’s cost effective way of gaining new clients, and if implemented correctly will be a wonderful asset to any business”.
Sarah Fisher, Ausure Insurance.


“I had a looming deadline for an event I was running for my business and I needed quality leads fast. I knew that setting up a Facebook Page for my business was important to my company and had managed to grow my “likes” through trial and error.

I was fortunate to attend a workshop put together by Tourism Noosa where Matt Adams from Paradigm Projex was the Speaker. I met with Matt after the workshop to discuss taking my Facebook Page further. Matt produced a Welcome Page, taught me how to have the ‘right’ dialogue with fans and how to generate traffic to my Facebook Page.

I got the leads I needed and had great interaction with my fans on my Facebook Page, I often had 6, 8 and up to 16 comments from fans on various posts. Matt certainly knows his stuff and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for your business Social Media marketing.”
Dee Collins,

“I am a tradie in Brisbane. I didnt know what to expect when I enrolled for Matt’s course, being nearly illiterate in all this ‘internet stuff’. Matt has a gentle embracing presentation style and provided a plain English training platform. Matt took special time out to continually check on my progress. I learnt so much in the session and I would recommend Matt to anybody or organisation to tap into his wealth of knowledge in this area. I think I have caught Matt’s bug and am about to utilise his extraordinary skills to get quality job leads infront of my competition.
Iain Stephen, Stephen’s Pest Control Brisbane

“Matt provided a workshop that was interactive and very informative. Every online and offline business needs to know about Social Media. Matt can certainly help with the training and the implementation of Social Media into your business. “
Louise Doyle, Office Help Plus, Brisbane

“As a newcomer to the internet, I found Matt’s workshops to be top quality. He took the time to work with the group patiently and professionally. The ongoing monthly mentoring will be very helpful. I’m sure I will get the results I require.”
Mal Favager, Noosaville Smash Repairs.

“Matt’s presentation of his workshop was second to none. Having sat in on a couple of his presentations I was again astounded by his passion and enthusiasm for bringing new technology into our business lives and showing us how to get a competitive edge using the web as a valuable business tool. Well done Matt and I look forward to the next opportunity to see you present.”
Ted Larson, Southern Cross Design and Drafting.


“I found the workshop very valuable, very informative and well explained – I thoroughly enjoyed it especially being a new player in Social Media. I have now learnt how to use the marketing tools to promote our brands more effectively. You have also shown me many other ways and features in Facebook that I never knew before attending the course. Please keep me informed of other available courses that will expand my knowledge. Thank you Matt!”
Alice Lim, Merrigold Collections

“I had the good fortune to attend Matt’s Workshops this week. I had very limited knowledge about the practicalities of social networking for business, so it was a relief to find that Matt was welcoming, personable and approachable. Additionally, Matt was able to provide me with a large volume of high quality, relevant and practical advice to help me begin my venture into the world of Business Facebook. I eagerly look forward to putting in practice my newfound skills.”
Maree Pepper, Solution Providers Group

“After attending one of Matt Adams’ workshops I left with a much better understanding of both Facebook and social media and how it could be used for business and marketing. Not only did he know the ins and outs he knew both the front door and back door loopholes making the use of the sites much easier and user friendly. Would recommend his workshops to all business owners who want to get started in using Facebook for their business.”
Jay Younger, Construction Supervisor, Thyssen Krupp Elevators Australia

“Thanks Matt for a most enjoyable and informative workshop. It opened my eyes up as to the ways that web marketing can add value to my businesses and help interact with my clients both current and potential.”
Sue J, Restock Direct and Abacus Screens

“I attended Matt’s workshop’s and found them to be highly informative. I picked up loads of tips that have proven to be very useful in marketing my business. “
Casandra Smith, Glam Nails.

“I’ve been to many business and training workshops over the years. I’ve also coached a lot of business owners and trained people to be better presenters and salespeople. Matt’s workshop not only has fantastic, easily understood content, he is an engaging and interesting presenter and trainer. While some of the concepts and techniques he teaches have the potential to be confusing, Matt manages to get his attendees to grasp these quickly.

He also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to practical ways to increase a businesses exposure through the rapidly growing social media space. If you’re not using social media and indeed online tools to grow your business then you’ll be bound to get left behind by your competition. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Matt’s workshops you will not be disappointed.”
Warrick Bidwell, Business Coach with Action Coach

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Reserve Your Seat

The Social Media Marketing for Beginners Workshop is a smaller group workshop aimed at giving you maximum information while allowing time for questions and discussion from all attendees to ensure you get the most out of the workshop. Seating is limited.

When: Next Workshop is Tuesday 27th March, 2018

Where: Kedron-Wavell Services Club – 21 Kittyhawk Dr, Chermside.

Time: 12 – 4pm

How Much: Your investment for this workshop is $197 (Inc GST)

What’s The Format? Classroom Style, Powerpoint Presentation, Live Examples, Interactive Questions and Discussions Encouraged

Laptops & iPads: Please Bring Your Laptop or iPad To Allow You To Do Live Web Searches, Analyse Your Website, Competitor Analysis etc. WIFI is available.

Breaks: We Have 2 x 10 Minute Breaks For Tea, Coffee, Bathroom or Leg Stretching (Or None? It’s Up To The Group!)

Handouts? You’ll receive a detailed Social Media Marketing Checklist for each platform with links to valuable tools and websites, along with tips and ideas to take away and implement into your business.

To book your seat at the next Social Media Marketing Workshop, click on the ‘register’ button below to secure your Ticket…

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